FREE Online Slot Machines

clubplayer-usThere is no shortage of FREE online slot machines. You can find them on every online casino on the net. But figuring out how to find the slot machines with the best winning odds is another story. Knowing what to look for would go a long way to help you figuring out which ones are worthy of your time to play.
There are usually two kinds of free online slot machines, 3-reelslots and 5-reelslots. With each different type there are drastically different odds to winning. Take the 3-reelslots for instance. If the free online reel slots are set up the same as a standard 3 reel slot machine then it will have 10 characters on each reel and that will give it 1000 different character combinations. That gives that game a .1% chance to pay out.

3 reel slots and 5 reel slots

888casino-reel-slotsNot bad if you are content to watch the same 10 characters spin around a million times while you play. 5-reelslots increase the number of winning options exponentially, as well as increasing the pay-out amounts available. The real fun starts when the number of characters per wheel expands past the original 10. With virtual 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots the numbers of virtual characters on each reel is an average of 256 virtual characters per each virtual reel. That increases the possible number of stops to 16,777,216 final positions. By allowing this number of characters on free online slot machines, virtual casino operators can offer much higher pay-outs because the chances of winning it are decreased. However, with additional pay-lines per game the chances of winning smaller amounts is increased by a larger margin.


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