Activate all bonuses

In order to activate all bonuses that this reelslots game has to offer, you need to activate the bonus feature. You do this by selecting the bonus bet button which in turn allows you to possibly spin a bonus while at the same time costing an increased amount per spin. Once the bonus bet is activated, you are automatically playing 60 pay-lines. If you have the bonus bet running and you happen to spin the Batman wild on reels 2,3 and 4, you then get the ‘Descent Into Madness’ bonus to play. This portion of the game is played on a gaming style screen as compared to the reels. First up on the bonus is that you, playing as Batman, get to knock out the inmates at the Arkham Asylum with your Baterang as they try to escape. For each inmate knocked out you get to rack up some cash. Once that is complete you then have to attempt to capture the Joker before he escapes. If you happen to accomplish this task, you win 100x the triggering bet!  888casino Bonus This can be a chance to rake in some real dough. Another bonus that is offered while the bonus bet is triggered is the re-spin bonus. If you happen to spin a Commissioner Gordon on reel 1 and the bat signal on reel 5 then the re-spin bonus is triggered. It also works the exact opposite way around so keep your eye out for the Commissioner.
If you are looking for a comic based reelslots game this is the one you want to play. Not only is it full of fabulous comic style graphics and animations, when you play you get hooked and can’t stop playing. It truly is a great game.